Saturday’s Are Special

Are you going to Panama to work in missions?  This question was asked of me so many times when people found out Mike and I were moving to Panama. Our reply was we would probably once we get settled. We had no idea what we would be doing or what God had in store for us. We just knew Panama was some place we would like to explore and just maybe live there.

That was three years ago. Today, we are busy with our every day chores on our finca along with our volunteering with different organizations in the Boquete area. Mike has his “Taxi” service — every morning he transports people  who live a distance from the bus stop. So many of the men have to carry heavy tools, children have to walk many miles to school, and older women have to carry gas tanks to get refilled at the local mercado. Mike does not charge anything to do this, but we get cabbage, chicken, tomatoes, fresh milk  — I love the fresh milk — and other things at times. All of this is truly appreciated by us since we know the people have so little

But why are our Saturday’s so special? Mike had his “Taxi” service but I had not been doing much of anything except piddling around the house. We knew there were many different organizations to where we could volunteer but we hadn’t checked into anything yet. So here is God working again. Last year Sally, our neighbor, had introduced us to Loesjia, a dear lady who has turned into one of our special friends. Loesja is a volunteer at the handicap foundation and has so much energy it makes your head spin watching her. Mike and I decided to give it a try. We were so attached to the Fmd students at North it seemed like a good fit for us. We showed up on that Saturday and absolutely fell in love with the people.

I know this is not a good idea of what we do at the foundation that will come in the next post. But I did have to show you this precious little one I got to work with last Saturday. Saturday’s Are Special!!!


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