Hart Finca

When Mike and I first married, he always talked of owning a place in the mountains with a spring for water and enough land to farm. Little did we know this dream would be found in Panama.

The first week we stayed in Boquete was the start of our journey. We not only made some very good friends of the Vila Lorena owner but we also began the search for our home. After many failed attempts to find a house, our realtor asked if we thought about building. Having already built three houses, we really didn’t want to go that route. But we couldn’t find a house we liked. Not having any luck with the realtor we set out on our own to find some land and we found our paradise. Two and one/half hectares with banana, orange, lemon, mango, coconut and a grove of bamboo trees. There was also a spring. What else could we ask for?

Some pics of our finca today.


Front of our house


Luceto and Luceta


Pineapple Mike planted.


One of the hens decided to rest on top of the potato bin made from tires.

There is much more to see. A greenhouse, a casita, and of course all of our wonderful fruit trees. Pics are to come in another post.


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