Serpiente!! Serpiente!!!

HONK! HONK! HONK!! Taxi driver waving hands in the air and pointing to the back of our truck as he drives by, and then a white car drives up beside the truck, window rolled down, a woman yells, “Serpiente!”  Pointing to the back of the truck, “Serpiente!” Stopping the truck, Mike gets out and sure enough there is a snake on the tailgate of the truck. Ana screaming “It’s a snake” while Paco jumping out to help Mike shouting, “This is amazing!”  Mike gets some bamboo he has in the truck and knocks the snake off.  As Mike was trying to kill the snake, people start appearing but not getting close to the snake.  Most people were coming from the store we parked beside.  Evidently Panamanians are scared of snakes.

Blunt Head Vine Snake

Blunt Head Vine Snake

This happened today when we went into David.  Mike and I were going out to eat with Paco and Ana, our good friend Chao’s children.  Paco always gets us lost in David.  We were looking for the steakhouse when this episode with the snake happened.  But thanks to the snake, Ana was able to ask someone standing beside the truck how to get to the restaurant.

Never a dull moment with teenagers!


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