How We Got to Boquete

Hi or I should say Hola. Welcome to beautiful Boquete, Panama.

How we got to Boquete:
After touring the United States for a couple of years in our RV’s, we decided to head abroad. Mike wanted desperately to visit Costa Rica. I gave in and said OK. After getting to Sarchi, Costa Rica, we quickly found out that it was not the paradise where we wanted to vacation. Even though there were beautiful flowers and gorgeous handmade furniture; it was hot, dusty, armed guards at every corner. So after one month, I contacted Susan at Boquete Garden Inn in Boquete, Panama. We had stayed here about 10 years ago. This was in January of 2013, and it was high season in Panama. Not only high season but also Boquete was celebrating a flora festival. Susan said not this week but next week. With no rooms to be found, we waited until the next week.

The day we arrived in Boquete we talked with a real estate agent, Justin. Mike told him if he wanted our money he would have to find us a place to stay since we had only one week at the Garden Inn and did not want to go back to Costa Rica. Justin found the only room available in Boquete at the Villa Lorena just outside Boquete and within walking distance (which was very important since we had no car).

We found our paradise. Buying 7 acres of land, we are currently building our casa. Year round spring like temperatures, beautiful colorful birds, wonderful friendly people. Yep, this is the way to live!!Image


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