I have commented on how warm and welcoming the people are here in Panama.  One person in particular stands out to both of us.  His name is Luis, and he is one of our construction workers building the casa. Luis always has a smile on his face and is very pleased with himself when he has learned a new English word.  He always says “Very Good” and “Thank You” when we do anything for him.


In the picture, Luis is working on a carving of a Quetzal.  His friend brought him a grinder he would need. We do not have Quetzals in our area, but Luis had once lived in an area where the Quetzals were found.  They are beautiful birds, and Luis said we needed a beautiful bird for our casa.



During his free time (breaks and lunch), Luis usually works some on the Quetzal. He has also come on Sundays to carve and use the electricity for the dremel.

One morning before he started working he called Mike to the door and said, “Here for you.”  It was a candle holder he had carved.  


Luis is a very talented person and an excellent worker.  He has also become one of our close friends.



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